Conservatory Roof Replacement Cost Calculator

Conservatory Roof Replacement Cost Calculator

How Much Does a Conservatory Roof Replacement Cost?

Below is a sample table that outlines different types, sizes, designs, and estimated prices for conservatory roof replacements. Actual costs can vary widely based on material quality, regional differences in labor and materials costs, and specific contractor rates.

Roof TypeSize (m²)DesignEstimated Price (£)
Polycarbonate9 – 3 x 3Lean-to2,500
Polycarbonate15 – 5 x 3Victorian3,750
Polycarbonate20 – 5 x 4Edwardian5,000
Glass9 – 3 x 3Lean-to4,000
Glass15 – 5 x 3Victorian6,000
Glass20 – 5 x 4Edwardian8,000
Solid (Tile)9 – 3 x 3Lean-to5,500
Solid (Tile)15 – 5 x 3Victorian8,250
Solid (Tile)20 – 5 x 4Edwardian11,000
Solid (Slate)9 – 3 x 3Lean-to6,000
Solid (Slate)15 – 5 x 3Victorian9,000
Solid (Slate)20 – 5 x 4Edwardian12,000

How much does a tiled conservatory roof cost?

The cost for a tiled conservatory roof will cost £5500 for a 3 x 3 meter conservatory, however this price can vary significantly based on factors such as the quality and type of tiles used, the complexity of the roof design, labor costs, and geographical location.

  1. Basic Tiled Roofing: For standard, basic quality tiles, the cost might range from approximately £50 to £100 per square meter. This would typically include basic tiling without additional insulation or special features.
  2. Mid-Range Tiles: For higher quality tiles or more complex designs, the cost can range between £100 to £200 per square meter. This range may include better quality materials and some additional features like improved insulation.
  3. High-End or Specialized Tiles: For premium materials, such as high-quality slate or tiles with special properties (like solar tiles), the cost could exceed £200+ per square meter. This range can also include additional features like integrated lighting, custom designs, or high-grade thermal insulation.

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