Creasing Tiles | The Perfect Match for Brick Walls

Experience the allure of creasing tiles – architectural gems that seamlessly blend with brick walls, elevating both aesthetics and functionality.

Their single cambered design adds a touch of elegance while fitting perfectly into the contours of brickwork.

Creasing Tiles for Brick Walls: The Perfect Match

What is a creasing tile?

A creasing tile is a specialized type of plain clay tiles without nibs designed with a single cambered curvature, offering a unique architectural touch that seamlessly integrates with various building elements.

These tiles excel as cappings or copings for walls and sills, contributing both visual elegance and practical protection.

Their distinct curve allows them to be integrated into diverse features like corbelling, arches, chimneys, and decorative quoins, enhancing aesthetics and structural integrity.

Thanks to their weather-resistant properties, creasing tiles play a vital role in damp-proof coursing, adeptly preventing moisture infiltration to preserve the building’s stability.

Available in the classic shade of traditional red smooth, they effortlessly blend with different architectural styles, infusing a sense of warmth and timelessness.

In essence, creasing tiles redefine architectural finesse with their single cambered form.

Whether as stylish accents or weather-resilient safeguards, these tiles embody the synergy of design and functionality, adding a distinctive flair to any construction project.

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