Day Rate Calculator

This Day rate calculator allows users to input their day rate and select whether they want to calculate ‘Pay Before Tax’ or ‘Pay After Tax’. Based on the selection, it calculates the corresponding amount.

Day Rate Calculator UK

UK CIS Day Rate Calculator

To use this calculator, you simply need to enter your day rate and choose the calculation type (before or after tax). Then click “Calculate” to see the result.

The CIS Day Rate Calculator is now set up. Here’s how it works:

  1. If you input your pay before tax, it calculates the pay after tax by deducting the CIS tax (default rate is 20%).
  2. If you input your pay after tax, it calculates the pay before tax.

For example:

  • If your pay before tax is £100, your pay after tax would be £80 (after deducting 20% CIS tax).
  • Conversely, if your pay after tax is £80, it means your pay before tax was £100.

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