Ready Mixed Concrete | The Pros Cons and Cost

Ready Mixed Concrete The Pros Cons and Cost

Ready-mixed concrete is a type of concrete that is produced in a batch plant according to the specific requirements of a job and delivered to the site ready for use. It is a popular choice for construction projects due to its convenience and consistency.

There are two types of ready-mixed concrete:

One is delivered by a barrel truck or in-transit mixer, which delivers concrete mixed to the site.

The second type is the volumetric concrete mixer that mixes the concrete on the site.

If you are unsure of the amount of ready mixed concrete you need for your project, you can use a calculator provided here concrete calculator

Pros and Cons of Ready Mixed Concrete

Here is a table summarizing the pros and cons of ready mixed concrete:

Ready to use: Ready mixed concrete arrives at the job site ready to use, which can save time and labor costs.Time restrictions: Once the concrete has been mixed, you will have a limited amount of time to transport and pour this concrete before it will begin to set. This can be problematic for job sites that are located in remote areas.
Consistent quality: Ready mixed concrete is consistent Higher cost: Ready mixed concrete can be more expensive than site-mixed concrete.
Convenient: Ready mixed concrete can be delivered directly to the job site, saving time and reducing the need for on-site storage.Limited customization: Ready mixed concrete is typically produced in standard mixes, limiting the ability to customize the mix for specific job requirements.
Reduced waste: Ready mixed concrete is produced in exact quantities, reducing the amount of waste generated on the job site.Environmental impact: The production of ready mixed concrete can have an environmental impact due to the energy required to transport the concrete and the emissions generated by the production process.
Table showing pros and cons of ready mixed concrete

Overall, the choice between ready mixed concrete and site-mixed concrete will depend on the specific needs and constraints of the job site.


How much is 1 cubic metre of concrete?

The cost of 1 cubic metre of ready mix concrete costs around £85-£105 per cubic meter for standard mixes, while stronger concrete mixes such as C35 or C40 can cost between £105 to £130 per cubic metre.

If you mix the concrete yourself this can cost as little as £45 for 1 cubic metre.

How much does a 25kg bag of concrete cover?

A 25kg bag of concrete will cover a 0.125 m2 area at 100mm deep.

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