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This Hardcore calculator easily calculates how much you need.

When it comes to construction projects, accurately calculating the required amount of hardcore or aggregate is crucial.

Work out the amount of hardcore needed with our handy calculator

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Hardcore Calculator

Hardcore Calculator

What is Hardcore used for ?

Hardcore is a dense and durable material, serves various purposes in construction and home projects. Commonly used as a stable sub-base for roads, driveways, and building foundations, it provides essential load-bearing support to prevent settling and unevenness. In landscaping, it forms permeable foundations for pathways and patios, preventing soil erosion.

Hardcore is also employed in drainage systems, raised garden beds, and as backfill material around foundations. Its versatility extends to temporary road construction in development areas and as a stable base for pavers and block paving.


How do you work out how much hardcore is needed?

Calculating the hardcore amount involves determining the volume you need to fill. Measure the length, width, and depth of the area in meters. Multiply these dimensions together to obtain the volume in cubic meters. You can then use the calculator to convert the volume into the required weight.

How many square meters does a ton of hardcore cover?

The coverage area of 1 ton of hardcore varies depending on the depth of application and the size of the gravel particles. On average, 1 ton of hardcore can cover approximately 8 to 12 square meters at a depth of 50mm (2 inches). However, it’s recommended to consult with a supplier or use a calculator for more accurate estimations based on the specific gravel type.

How much does a ton of hardcore cost in the UK?

On average, the price for a ton of hardcore in the UK ranges from £35 to £75. However, prices may fluctuate, so it’s best to check with local suppliers or online resources for current market rates.

Accurately calculating the required amount of hardcore or aggregate is essential for any construction project.

Be sure to use the hardcore calculator.

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