Wall Tile Calculator: Easily Estimate Tiles and Area for Your Tiling Project

Revolutionize your wall tiling endeavors effortlessly with our intuitive wall tile calculator. Spare yourself the hassle of manual calculations and the risk of costly miscalculations.

Are you embarking on a wall tiling venture and need a swift and straightforward method to gauge the tile quantity and total coverage area required?

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned construction professional or a dedicated DIY enthusiast, our calculator emerges as the ultimate ally for your wall tiling aspirations.

Wall Tile Calculator

Wall Tile Calculator

Wall Tile Calculator

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How Does Our Wall Tile Calculator Operate?

Our calculator is meticulously crafted to simplify your tiling endeavors. With minimal effort on your part, it streamlines your tiling project like never before.

The process is a breeze:

  1. Input the width and height of your intended wall area.
  2. Specify the dimensions of your tiles (width and height) in centimeters.
  3. Click the “Calculate Tiles” button.

Subsequently, the calculator will promptly provide you with the quantity of tiles needed, the extent of the area to be tiled, and the overall tile coverage in square meters.

Bathroom tile calculator | This calculator works for bathroom tiles and floor tiles.

Unveil a realm of advantages by embracing our calculator for your tiling undertakings:

  1. Precision in Estimates: Our calculator boasts unwavering accuracy, ensuring optimal tile quantities to mitigate wastage and conserve funds.
  2. Time-Efficiency: Bid farewell to arduous manual calculations and redirect your efforts towards the heart of your tiling mission.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Whether you’re a novice or a pro, the calculator’s intuitive interface caters to all experience levels.
  4. Cost-Free Resource: Our calculator comes devoid of any charges, empowering you to orchestrate your project without budgetary constraints.

  • Non-Rectangular Walls or Openings: This calculator suits rectangular walls without openings. Adjust wall area manually for non-rectangular or open walls before deploying the calculator.
  • Tiles in Alternate Units: Our calculator employs centimeters for tile dimensions. Convert measurements to centimeters if your tiles are sized in inches or other units.
  • Accounting for Waste and Breakage: Factor in an extra 10% tile quantity to cater to waste, breakage, and future repairs. The calculator doesn’t account for this surplus, so consider it when ordering.


Harness the power of our complimentary calculator to map out your tiling journey with unwavering assurance and precision.

Tailored for all tiling enthusiasts, it effortlessly furnishes you with precise tile quantities and coverage areas, safeguarding your time, resources, and project from blunders.

Embark on your tiling venture confidently, assured that our user-centric interface and meticulous calculations will propel your project towards triumphant fruition.

Give our wall tile calculator a whirl today and relish the transformative impact it brings to your project’s success.

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